Motivational Speakers and Leadership

Motivational Speakers and Leadership

Motivational speakers have one basic purpose: to motivate people into making positive changes in their lives. One great example of a positive change is turning an ordinary bland person into an exceptional leader admired by millions.

Motivational speakers, due to their nature, are in essence the leaders themselves. They embody the essence of the root word “lead”. This word is synonymous with showing others the way, influencing them, and guiding them to the intended direction. By breaking down each of those definitions, one can see how motivational speakers act as leaders and compel people into becoming leaders themselves.

By showing others the way, the speakers act as teachers

Motivational-SpeakersThey teach people the essentials of great leadership. They stress that being a leader is better than being a boss. Leaders are on a never-ending quest of learning, and they must know new tricks as time passes. The speakers must also act this way, adapting to the fast-changing times and keeping abreast of leadership trends that occur in both the public and private sectors. As John F. Kennedy says, “Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.”

By influencing others, the speakers bequeath the procedures needed to lead an honorable and dignified life that is expected of a true leader and a good role model. This honor and dignity will then be trickled down to some members of the audience, who can then be inspired by the motivations the speaker gives and turn them into guideposts for their future leadership plans.

One of the most important things for a true leader to preserve his/her honor and dignity is humility. Leaders are human, and they commit mistakes. If a leader admits to doing something wrong, he/she should admit it, apologize, and must not repeat that mistake. The followers will know that their leader has done something wrong and will swear not to commit it. A true leader should not withhold embarrassment just for the sake of saving face. A motivational speaker should also act this way – he can tell a story about his/her rough and troubled past before he/she has seen the light and changed for the better. Transformational stories are appropriate tools to positively influence future leaders.

By guiding others to the right direction, the speakers prevent potential leaders from repeating the mistakes past leaders made. They are here to straighten out common misconceptions about leadership. They emphasize that insanity is doing the same things over and over again while expecting different results – and therefore should not be emulated by an effective leader.

To make sure the right direction is trudged, the speaker must also listen to the voice of his/her audience. He/she should also remember that he/she was once a follower who had dreams of becoming a leader. While listening to the voice of the people is good, an effective leader should also sort out the legitimate voices from useless noise. There are people who can never be satisfied with any type of leadership, and not everybody can be pleased. In effect, there must be a mutual relationship between the leader and his/her followers – and between the motivational speaker and his/her audience.

A motivational speaker should also be mindful of balance just like a true leader should.

There is a reason for the term “silk hiding steel”. A good leader may look and sound compassionate on the outside; but when it comes to serious matters, there is an equal amount of strictness, cunning, and indomitable will to straighten out an erring follower.

In conclusion, motivational speakers can compel people to take up the mantle of leadership. Great leadership begets great followers, and some of those great followers can turn into great leaders in the future. This is what is called “paying it forward”.


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Pawn Shops Create Hope

Pawn Shops Create Hope

Everyone has to deal with emergency situations. Many times, they come without warning. You may think that everything is going well, but there’s something new around the bend. Tomorrow can bring a new disaster, and that is never fun to go through. Are you financially ready for taking on the problems that could come through?

If you don’t have a lot of money, or possibly aren’t sure how to navigate the future, don’t panic. What do you do when you are running into an issue? One option to consider is looking into Pawn shops can help you with a lot of different options. With that in mind, consider a few notes that will illustrate how a pawn shop could very well help you gain the upper hand.

Quick Cash

The first thing that you are going to find about pawn shops is that they can give you money fast. If you have gold, silver, or anything of value you can bring it in. The shop will appraise it and then give you a loan with that as collateral. All you have to do is pay back the loan in a matter of time and you can get your items back. Of course, if you don’t pay it, or if you have trouble, the shop will keep your items. Quick cash is a good thing, especially when you’re dealing with an emergency.

No High Priced Loans

Pawn ShopLoans are tough to deal with. When you go with a pawn solution, you’ll find that the loans that you get from pawning is not the same as payday loans or anything like that. When you with a payday solution, you will have to pay upwards of 400% interest. This is no joke. Read any payday loan site and read through the information that they have placed on their pages. You’ll see that the interest compounds and you could end up paying upwards of 400 to 800% above the money you borrow, if you don’t pay things back immediately. This is where people really get into financial trouble. Pawn solutions aren’t the same, they’ll help you out fast, and without braking the bank.

Buy Things At Lower Cost

Moving forward, you’re going to find that when looking into, you can purchase items at lower than retail. Pawn offerings don’t just give people money for their goods, they also sell things below retail. Many things that you purchase are gently used, and valuable. There have been stories of people that visit shops and pick up musical equipment, video games, and so much more that are inexpensive. In theory, you could visit a shop and then resell items, or use them for your own good. Buying things at a lower price than you would at retail is a good thing.

Explore Pawn Solutions

Pawn options are going to give you a lot of opportunities. Whether you need short term lending, you have things to sell, or you want to buy things, they can help you. No other solutions out there will help you nearly as much pawn shops. They don’t require credit checks or anything that is going to stifle your progress. You simply need to have something to sell, or put up for collateral and you can get forward progress. Exploring pawn solutions is a good thing, and can change the way that you see emergency situations today.

Whether you want quick cash, or you have things to sell, don’t forget to look into how a pawn shop could help you gain the upper hand. Major Pawn is just one of the great things to move forward. Don’t panic when things go awry, make sure that you keep in mind that pawn shops can help you out.


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Building A Nest Egg With Precious Metals – Selling Your Jewelry

Building A Nest Egg With Precious Metals – Selling Your Jewelry

Pawn Shop There are a lot of different ways that you can procure wealth. For some, it’s a slow burning element. You save a few dollars here and there, and you keep putting them away for a rainy day. If the rain never really comes through, then you just have a large sum of money that you don’t have to worry about for some time.

Then retirement comes and you can have a good time, enjoying your golden years. But what if you need money now? What happens when you are trying to build and you have to spend? That can be rough, but it’s not an impossible thing to overcome.

There’s a variety of reasons why you may need to save money, and one way to ensure that you’re getting ahead is through liquidating your precious metals from time to time. Building a nest egg with precious metals is good, but there is a time and a place where you need to sell, and that’s where cash4jewelrynow can come into play.

Selling Precious Metals

The first thing that you need to know is that precious metals are always going to be valuable. As financial problems come and go, millions of people are wondering how they will make it through another year. You may see turmoil ahead, or you may have just gone through a storm of chaos, but one thing is for sure, you made it. Will you make it again? That’s where people aren’t sure, and therefore seek to make a little extra money here and there to save.

Precious metals can activate savings accounts and much more, because they are valuable and there are companies that will pay you top dollar for things that you’re not using. For instance, if you have gold, silver, and even diamonds, you can sell them and pocket thousands, putting the money away for a rainy day.

Why Not Keep The Metals?

There are some that will argue in regards to keeping jewelry. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. However, think about the purpose of these items. Do you wear them? Do they just sit in a box? What is their purpose? That’s something that many people don’t ask, but must realize they need to come to grips with it.

There’s no reason why you should have a drawer full of jewelry, without wearing it, or using it at all. It is just collecting dust, and it’s leaving money on the table. Why not just sell it? That’s something that is going to help you get movement in terms of financial security, rather than having something laying around that you’re not using.

Money In Hand

PawnAll things considered, the main reason why people seek out cash4jewelrynow, and sell their jewelry is because it provides money in hand. When you have a financial crisis on hand, what do you do? Seriously, what can you do? You could find yourself in dire straits, or you could spend a little of your savings, but how long will that last? Instead of worrying about the future, why not sell your jewelry and ensure that you have the money on hand to get out of any jam.

That includes dealing with medical bills, school bills, or just about anything that may come up. It’s better to have money at your disposal than to have a lot of jewelry and items that are locked up or not being used at all.

Take into consideration that precious metals will always have value, and can net you a great deal of influence, if you just sell. If you don’t ever sell, the items are only going to collect dust, and you can’t just them for any monetary purpose, so consider that as you look into selling today.


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The Callaway Golf Foundation’s Culture of Pay It Forward

The Callaway Golf Foundation’s Culture of Pay It Forward

Callaway golf Company’s pursuit of excellence can only be paralleled by their quest to create healthy communities for their stakeholders. Founded by the late Ely Callaway, the Callaway golf Foundation focuses on support programs that improve lives and communities. It also allows its employees to be more involved and gives them the chance to fulfill their social responsibilities.

Callaway golf Foundation’s excellent track record is a proof to the many activity that it spearheads, which is aligned to their mission of helping the less fortunate. With these activities, the company is able to use golf as a means of touching lives.

Pro Kids Golf Academy and Learning Center

Callaway-GolfPro Kids Golf Academy and Learning Center, or the PKGA, was founded in 1984. Its mission is to use golf to challenge inner-city youth to excel in life through various programs that promote education, teach life skills and values and develop their characters. With the North County Learning Center in Oceanside, California, Pro Kids aims to provide golf and life skills instruction to children aging from 7 to 17.

The Southern California Golf Foundation

The Callaway Foundation proudly supports the Southern California Golf Association Youth on Course program. By making golf accessible and affordable to the youth, the foundation aims to shift the youth’s focus from drugs and other vices to golf.
Challenged Athletes, Inc.

The Challenged Athletes Foundation or CAF sees the greatness of athletes with physical challenges and supports their aspirations by giving grants for their training, equipment and other needs. For the foundation, disabilities are only challenges and with a little help, these athletes can overcome them and reach their dreams.

Callaway Golf Foundation Women’s Cancer Initiative

The Callaway Foundation is a proud supporter of the Entertainment Industry’s Foundation on Women’s Cancer Programs. Through its donation totaling to $2 million, the Callaway Golf Foundation Women’s Cancer Initiative or CGFWCI showed its commitment in finding a breakthrough for ovarian cancer treatment and early detection.

Employee Matching Gift Program

The Employee Matching Gift Program empowers employees to give back to the community. By matching individual gifts given by employees with a qualified nonprofit organization, the Callaway Foundation makes sure that these gifts reach the person that will best benefit from it.

Dollars for Doers Program

In line with its aim to empower their employees to help others, the Callaway Foundation created the Dollars for Doers program, which recognizes employees who volunteer for their community. By giving 25 hours of their own time to qualified nonprofit organizations, employees, through the Callaway Foundation and the Dollars for Doers Program, can give cash grants and donations to these organizations.

Scholarship Program

Callaway GolfThe Scholarship Program seeks to help excellent students who need financial assistance through higher education. True to its goals of providing the youth with the help they need to succeed in life, the foundation selects its recipients who show the most promise. Applications can be done online, and are only available for students who meet the criteria set by the foundation, one of which is that the student should be the child of an employee working in the company.

Ely Callaway’s success is not only attributed to his keen eye for business opportunities, but also for his penchant for choosing the best employees to work for him. He nurtures this relationship by rewarding employees and what better way to reward employees than by helping their children while allowing them to help others in return. By creating this concept of paying it forward, the company fulfills its social responsibilities while promoting a good working environment at the same time.

Ely Callaway’s tombstone reads, “He considers himself lucky in all aspects of life”, and through the company, he wishes to make other people feel as lucky as he is in all aspects of their lives. His legacy not only transcends in the quality of clubs and balls that his company makes, but more so in the lives that his company has touched and will touch in the future.



Choosing the Right Custom Lanyards

You have to make a lot of choices to produce custom lanyards that suit you best. You may decide based from the functionality of the lanyards, badge reels, and attachments. You may also consider the appearances of these things as well as their durability and quality in general.

Lanyard Materials
1. Polyester

The common material used in making lanyards is polyester. Polyester lanyards are economical yet durable. They are soft and comfortable to wear. There are woven polyester lanyards and stitched polyester lanyards.

2. Nylon

Another material is nylon lanyards. These lanyards are glossy. Although more expensive than polyester, nylon lanyards can give your design an elegant and professional appearance.

3. Reflective bands


A special material, reflective band allows the custom lanyards to glow in the dark. Their functionality makes them stand out among the other materials.

4. Beads

Beads are not only for earrings, rings, bracelets, and necklaces; they are also for a unique and fancy lanyard. They come in different kinds including glass, seed, and the most popular, crystals.

5. Chains

Chains can make necklace and lanyards two-in-one with the help of detachable lanyard attachments. You can use them in school to hold your identification card and in gatherings as a fashion accessory.

Custom lanyards’ Attachments
1. Bulldog Clip

This is used in holding plastic badge holders which have horizontal slots. Press the clip to attach the badge. The clip will also allow your badge to be straight which made it perfect for identification cards. Your company or school security guards will not have trouble in checking your IDs.

2. Swivel Hook

It has a hook that opens for your badges and then closes. It is called swivel hook because the badge inserted in this attachment is swiveling. Swivel hook is also referred as metal J hook because of its curve that mimics the letter J.

3. Trigger Hook

It is also called lobster claw. Trigger hook is similar to swivel hook, as it has a tiny lever that allows the hook to open so you may insert your badges, keys, or other objects.

4. Detachable Plastic Hook

You have to detach this hook to insert or remove your ID badges. It also holds your badge straightly.

5. Lanyard Reel

This attachment consists of a square or a round reel, a cord, and a clip which is attached to the custom lanyards. Lanyard reels’ function is to keep cards close at hand and let them be stowed away after use.

6. Split Ring

This attachment is ideal in simultaneously holding different items like access cards, ID badges, and keys. Sometimes, a split ring is also used in holding eyeglasses.

7. Thin Plastic Hook

It holds badges straightly like other attachments. You just have to push in the clip slide to insert your badges or identification card holders.

8. Wide Plastic Hook

It works the same as a thin plastic hook, but it is wider.

9. Cell Phone Loop

It is basically a lanyard attachment design to hold cell phones, IPods, and other gadgets or electronic devices which have a feature that allows a flexible loop to be attached on them.

Badge Reels
1. Economy Round Badge Reels

Badge reels contain logos of products, companies, schools, or anything. They are usually placed between the lanyard and its attachment.

Economy round badge reels come in different colors and styles. Epoxy dome is applied to the logo to make it sheen. This badge reel goes well with a metal clip attachment.

2. Square Badge Reel

It allows the logo to look more elegant with its shape compared to a traditional round badge reel.

3. Logo Badge Reel

This is similar to round badge reel. It is however made larger to highlight the logo and make it well visible.

4. Carabiner Reel

This features a chrome metal border that has a modern shape. Carabiner reel is unique, durable, and stylish.